Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge

The national Council for Learning Outstide the Classroom (LOtC) launched its new Quality Badge scheme in January 2009. The badge is a national accreditation scheme for all organisations that offer learning experiences to school groups, whatever their size or level of provision.  The badge brings together the essential elements of provision - learning and safety - into one easily recognisable Quality Badge for all types of provider organisations. In the long term the Council aims to reduce the amount of paperwork schools have to complete in order to enjoy learning experiences outside the classroom and encourage more schools and pupils to access learning beyond the school gate. 


The Group for Education in Museums (GEM) has been leading on promoting the badge within the museum and heritage sectors, providing training and information for sector staff on how to apply for the badge.  Emma is a GEM accredited trainer able to provide authoritative advice and training on how to apply for the Quality Badge.  She can also help you decide whether the badge is right for your organisation and help you ensure that you have the right processes in place to ensure success. Emma has contributed an example case studies and a set of guidance notes on evaluation to GEM's package of support for organisations hoping to apply for the badge, which can be downloaded from www.gem.org.uk.  She has recently provided telephone consultancy through GEM to help small organisations develop their learning provision.


For more information on the Quality Badge, see www.lotcqualitybadge.org.uk

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