Precious Cargo

Emma worked with Renaissance Yorkshire to support the 15 Precious Cargo partners in evaluating their work effectively to demonstrate the individual, social and organisational impact of the programme. The work involved using and developing the MLA/Collections Trust evaluation framework developed specifically for the Stories of the World partners and ensuring that effective data collection methods were in place. As well as supporting partners with their own evaluation, Emma wrote a series of case studies to demonstrate the impact of the projects and the partnership.


Emma also worked with a group of young people to support them in developing their own creative evaluation of the project. The group visited to each others' venues and worked with a professional film-maker to create a film that gives their perspective on the successes and impacts of the project.


Find the Yorkshire Precious Cargo project online:

Whitby Museum blog

Bradford young people's project blog

Leeds project information at

Evaluation and Consultation

Evaluation is a key tool to help you understanding the impact of what you do and improve your service to users.  Emma King Consultancy conducts all kinds of user research, from small scale research projects to ongoing impact assessments handling qualitative and quantitative data.

We can help you to:

  • Understand what evaluation can do for you
  • Plan an effective evaluation strategy for your project or programme
  • Devise a practical evaluation framework to work from
  • Design and deliver qualitative and quantitative data collection methods including evaluation forms, face to face and telephone interviews, online surveys, focus groups and visitor observation
  • Analyse and write up findings and recommendations in a clear, practical and useable way