Medicine at the Movies

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Medicine at the Movies was an exciting partnership venture for the UK Medical Collections Group, the national subject specialist network for medical collections. 


Six partner museums each worked with a different audience group to create original short films based on medical collections and the participants' own experiences of healthcare. The project was tremendously rewarding for both staff and participants, who have made a series of quirky, individual productions that take a new and sometimes challenging look at medicine from the point of view of museum users.  


Why not spend 5 minutes waching our films at and tell us what you think!


The project is funded by the Adult Learning Transformation Fund.  The partner museums also created a 'How To' guide to support other museums in running film-making projects with adult learners.  Download the guide here (PDF format)


The project partners were...


The Thackray Museum, Leeds (lead partner), working with CoHearent Vision:

The Hunterian Museum at the Royal College of Surgeons, London, working with the Mary Ward Centre:

The British Dental Association Museum, London, working with Siren Arts & Advocacy:

The George Marshall Medical Museum, Worcester, working with No. 10 Sansome Place:

The Edward Jenner Museum, Gloucestershire, working with Gloucester Action for Refugees & Asylum Seekers:

The Old Operating Theatre and Herb Garrett, London, working with a self-organised group of creative writers:


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