Stories of the World evaluation framework

Stories of the World is a large and complex programme that to date has involved over a thousand young people in co-curating exhibitions and events with 60 museums from Edinburgh to Brighton. By 2012 it will have resulted in over 300 exhibitions that reinterpret the nation's  collections in a fresh new way, including new artwork and interpretation by young people and drawing out the contemporary relevance of museum collections for local communities.


A programme of this nature needs careful monitoring and evaluation. In 2009 MLA contracted Collections Trust to manage the development of an evaluation framework that would identify the key outcomes from the project and capture compelling stories of change. As the project developed, the needs of the partners have become clearer and it was recognised that the framework needed to change. Emma worked with Collections Trust to revise and strengthen the existing evaluation framework, devising a logic model to clarify the primary indicators and simplifying the reporting requirements for partners. The revised model will be used by Arts Council England to guide the evaluation of all Stories of the World programme activity.


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Thorough, focused evaluation is the key to understanding and promoting the benefits that museums, libraries and archives can offer. Emma King Consultancy has longstanding experience in evaluation and audience research: identifying objectives, designing research methods, capturing the evidence and providing detailed analysis, conclusions and recommendations. We conduct all kinds of evaluative research, from small scale qualitative analysis to quantitative impact assessments.