Image of the barbed wire and a watchtower at Auschwitz 1 concentration camp

The impact of curating traumatic histories

When you think about occupations with the potential to harm your mental health, what comes to mind? Emergency services, social work, NHS? All of those. But what about working as a historian or curator?



Daffodils flowering in a field

The 'now page', March 2023

Listening, feedback and taking breaks: what I've learned and what I've been thinking about over the first quarter of the year.

Categories: Freelancing, Learning


Image of a life buoy in a swimming pool

Keep calm and carry on? How to freelance through a crisis

Some tips on how to keep your freelance business afloat when everything in your life is going wrong.

Categories: Freelancing, Wellbeing


Image from the 'Out of Darkness' exhibition in Kaunas, Lithuania

Out of Darkness: reflections on Kaunas 2022

History, memory and storytelling: notes on a recent visit to the European Capital of Culture 2022

Categories: Curatorship, Exhibitions, History, Interpretation


Image taken looking down at two pairs of feet next to the text 'Passion led us here' written on the pavement

How to write a museum job application that recruiters will love

My top tips for writing applications for museum jobs that will help you get to an interview.

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