Image of the word 'No' in capital letters on white against a red background

Just a job? The power of 'no'

We all need to say no more often if we want healthier, more focused workplaces and better individual wellbeing.

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The word 'November' spelt out in small tiles, surrounded by random letters on a background of dark wood

The 'now page', November 2021

What's happening in November: thoughts on being out and about, real-life conferencing, talking about evaluation and being a podcast guest.

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Image of the word 'Change' in orange light against a dark background

The 'now page', July 2021

This month I've been thinking about change, 'culture wars', statues, language (again), and the power of connecting with others.

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A photo of a workspace with desk, laptop, pens, paper and coffee cup

How to stop freelancing and get a job

How do long-term freelancers make the shift back into employment? These are my tips.

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Bronze Age home education

The 'now page', March 2021

Here's what I'm thinking about this month. Encompassing home learning, goal-setting, talking about failure and musings on the nature of time.

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