GEM Social Media day

I'm still buzzing from a seminar I ran last week for GEM Yorkshire on 'Social Media and Museum Learning'. 20 delegates from as far afield as London and West Lothian got together at the Round Foundry in Leeds to hear from local experts, talk social media and share hints and tips on how their organisations are engaging audiences online.


There were some great presentations and ideas which I've linked below.  I've created a list of attendees on my Twitter page and will keep adding to it as more people take the plunge!


Bryony Taylor, self-confessed social media junkie and former MLA Yorkshire colleague, gave a great overview of the most useful social media sites for museums and advice on how to get started.  Her presentation is on Slideshare and she's also blogged some further advice and tips at


Lindsey Green of Frankly, Green + Webb talked about a piece of research she's done into how families use smartphones with lots of hints and tips for how museums can get involved without spending vast amounts of money. You can view the presentation on Lindsey's blog, and download the report she refers to from her website.


Finally Eric Hildrew, Marketing Manager at Museums Sheffield, gave a case study of Museums Sheffield's approach to social media. Eric described how Museums Sheffield uses its Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and YouTube sites, the challenge of creating a constant stream of great high-quality content for audiences with high expectations, and what staff plan to do next, including building more effective synergies across the different social media platforms and involving users more in generating content.


We had some great feedback on the day and I'm really grateful to speakers for giving up their time and all those who came and participated. Look out for more GEM Yorkshire events in the next six months.

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