South West Sustainability Programme evaluation

We worked with the South West Museum Development Partnership to evaluate the impact of a programme that supports smaller museums to become more sustainable and resilient. 


We evaluated a pilot programme for SWMDP in 2013-14 and were delighted to be asked to follow up that work with museums going through the programme in the 2014-15 financial year. 


The Sustainability Programme is a structured process in which museums work with their MDO and an independent sustainability mentor to do a self-assessment and peer review of their existing work, identify key areas for improvement and put a targeted plan in place. It looks at economic, social and environmental sustainability, encompassing financial and environmental factors as well as governance and community engagement. 


We completed some baseline research with participating museums before they started the programme and followed them through the programme to understand the challenges they faced adn the impact of the self-assessment and peer review. This formed the basis of a practical, improvememt-focused report to SWMDP in 2015. 

Evaluation and Consultation

Evaluation is a key tool to help you understanding the impact of what you do and improve your service to users.  Emma King Consultancy conducts all kinds of user research, from small scale research projects to ongoing impact assessments handling qualitative and quantitative data.

We can help you to:

  • Understand what evaluation can do for you
  • Plan an effective evaluation strategy for your project or programme
  • Devise a practical evaluation framework to work from
  • Design and deliver qualitative and quantitative data collection methods including evaluation forms, face to face and telephone interviews, online surveys, focus groups and visitor observation
  • Analyse and write up findings and recommendations in a clear, practical and useable way