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I've just started a new job - yes, an actual job - as part time Learning Manager at York Museums Trust.  I'm responsible for the learning team and formal and informal learning programmes across YMT's three sites: the Yorkshire Museum, York Art Gallery and the Castle Museum. Three weeks in and my head is a whirl. It's a good job the learning team are brilliant, they're doing a great job of supporting me as I get the hang of everything. 


After 12 years as a consultant I felt it was time to dip a toe back in the waters of employment and find out what life is like on the "other side".  It's an exciting time to be at YMT and the experience means I'll have a much better understanding of the pressures museums are under and gain new insights that I can bring back to my client work. The job means I need to scale back my freelance work for a while, so I won't be taking on any major projects, but as I'll be working for YMT part time I will still continue to do freelance work the rest of the week. 


You can follow my YMT adventures via Twitter @YMT_Learning and I'll keep posting updates here via the blog. There are some great exhibitions coming up in York - look out for a new permanent gallery, Shaping the Body, opening at York Castle Museum on Thursday, and the Imperial War Museum exhibition Truth and Memory at the Art Gallery from Friday. 

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